Neighbor Fag And A Brave New World

My brother neighbor fag had a surprising message for me today. Here it is:

Brother, I’m a nervous faggot this morning. My Alpha’s good buddy (who I now know wrote you yesterday) told Him all about this blog and my submissions to you. He told me he was going to–not to be malicious or vindictive but because he said He has a right to know. And of course he’s right.

My Alpha wasn’t upset, but He sat me down last night for a very solemn conversation. We scrolled through your posts from me (He especially liked your reference to His “empire”, so I asked if He wanted to see some of your other content but He wasn’t interested), and He then commanded me to create this account. He asked if I was serious about committing my life to serving Him and His interests, and of course I said I was. He asked if I was comfortable with Him owning my life (my heart skipped a beat), and I said of course I was. He said I was to use this platform to expand His empire however I could. He now has high expectations of me, but of course I’m ready to meet them head on.

I’m nervous because I saw one of the unkind messages you received about Him yesterday. I’m worried that by coming out in the open like this I’m exposing myself (and by extension, Him) to unjust criticism. I hope I can be a strong, solid faggot who can deflect the negativity that I know will come my way and focus on what really matters: serving and elevating Him.

So here I am. Nervous but excited for this new task and next step. I’m beaming with pride to be considered His property. I hope to serve Him well. I welcome any suggestions you might have for further developing His empire the way He deserves it to be.


First and foremost, neighbor fag started a Tumblr. It’s @neighborfag.

I think you are doing an amazing job, brother! This situation has blossomed into a truly unique and rewarding experience. It’s been a pleasure to follow your progress, and I look forward to seeing the new ways you get to serve this great Alpha!