Neighbor Fag and the Cuckold

So neighbor fag wrote me multiple messages today (why not use the submission link?) which I have laboriously strung together into a coherent account:

Neighbor fag again. When my Alpha fucked 30 women during the week I
completed His work project, one of them was a married woman whose
husband is a cuck. After she was serviced by my Bull Alpha, she of
course began blowing up His phone begging to come back. He told her He
would only allow her back in His bed under a few conditions: (1) she
stops taking the pill, (2) she brings her husband to my apartment during
her next session, and (3) she visits each weekend until she’s pregnant.
I about
fainted when Sir came over last week and calmly outlined this plan to
me. His virility makes my fagclit tingle, and now He’s allowing me to
become an integral part of His breeding? It was almost too much to

Anyways, Saturday night was the night. Husband and wife show up
at my door. Wife looks like a supermodel. Husband is a very good looking
buff man. He looks nervous as hell. She looks excited as hell. Clearly
this is a well established cuckold relationship. So I fix him a drink,
and his wife leaves. We sort of make chitchat for awhile, and I can tell
he’s incredibly uncomfortable, so I ask him if he’d like to help me
complete some of my chores while we wait. He agrees that’s better than
nothing, so we start some laundry and then begin some meal prep.

through meal prep, we begin to hear sounds next door. His wife is
obviously getting the fuck of her life from my Stud. I’m beaming with
pride, the husband not so much. I ask him if it bothers him to hear, and
he says, 
“No I need to hear this.” That’s when it dawned on me: this man isn’t so
different from me. No, I don’t have a wife, but we’re both well aware
of our places in the food chain, so to speak. I love hearing my Alpha at
work because it reinforces my place as a faggot. He loves hearing my
Alpha at work because it reinforces his place as an inferior male.

So we
finished the chores, finished our drinks, and his wife soon came by
again to pick him up. When he left he looked much less nervous, almost
like he had come to grips with what was happening while he was in my
care. It made me incredibly proud, not only because of the wildly hot
event happening next door, but because I felt like I had, once again,
served my Alpha in an indirect way. Through calm comfort and
companionship, I helped an inferior male accept his place beneath my

As he left, he gave me a hug, a grin, and a “well, maybe I’ll see
you next week.” I have a feeling he won’t, as I’m confident my Man’s
seed took hold

and completed the task. But if not, I’ll happily provide a shelter for
this man while his wife satisfies nature’s order. I want so badly to be
able to provide additional service of this manner to my Alpha neighbor,
but I’m not sure how to subtly suggest to Him that He should begin
regularly cuckolding inferior men and impregnating their wives. He
clearly already has an interest in that. Brother, any advice on how to
make myself more available for this new hobby my Man seems to have?

Frankly, I thought you did a good job with this encounter. I’m not sure how you can do any better. Perhaps if you get a chance to speak with him, you might ask him if he enjoyed that cuckolding experience (sounds like he did) and if he has any further interest in continuing it with other couples.

Nice job!