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It’s rare to meet a young Alpha who is mature enough and so focused on slave ownership like Master J (@masterjfeet on Twitter). Since I wrote about him, he’s been inundated with starving faggots eager to serve him.

And he’s only too happy to oblige!

He wrote this to me:

Hey boy, since you posted that last post about Tommy, I’ve had lots of new faggots get in contact with me through Twitter, offering themselves up, even Fags wanted to be shipped as cargo from America. I will talk to almost all Fags and slaves, but naturally, am selective of the items I take as property, however I have taken an older slave as my newest item. It struck me how eager it was to please, offering his house, body and life to me, after feeling a void left by it’s need to serve. As I write this now, the faggot is eagerly deepthroating my dick, wearing its new collar, cock cage and restraints. It has already cleaned my place, made my food, waited on my drinks, served me in a variety of sexual ways and it still wants to serve. It will be stored in a cage soon, so it is used to being stored. This is a reward of a so called alpha. Who uses a fag for a while and then ditched it, for a true alpha like me to come and claim, this fag may well become one of my live in items, a fuck toy, foot worshiper, cleaner, item in the kitchen, even a human urinal. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want from these faggots and slaves, for the long term and have become more and more interested in claiming a faggot to be either a slave boyfriend, or take a boiwife role. The idea of having a cute little slut in my bed cuddled up to me, that I can grab by the hair and choke on my dick whenever is fucking appealing, even more so taking it to my family, it knowing it’s owned, but no one else does. My view on this slave/master dynamic is very different to most my age. I’ve no interest of being a muscle Dom, or a findom master who leaves Fags in poverty. I’m interested in owning faggots and slaves, long term or for life- that’s the best gift that a slave gives to its master. And it is a gift, not a right. A slave realises that your a true alpha Dom and GIVES itself to you, it’s owner. That said, if a slave was to tribute, I wouldn’t decline, but it’s not something I go out of my way to look for. I much prefer using it physically. The fag I have here is cleaning my balls now, having swallowed his third consecutive load, and I have this urge to own more property, and definitely a slave bf/boiwife.


Many so-called Alphas are playing games online and have no intention of taking more than just money from faggots. Master J, on the other hand, is the real thing. He’s becoming the owner of actual faggot property, and his life is richer for it!