Happy 4th of July!

In between today’s beers and barbecues , it might be good to consider what we nearly lost forever six months ago, and what is currently on life support – our Democratic Republic.

I find it hard to be in a partying mood today when Trump, his allies in Congress, and the people who support the insurrection of Jan 6th and the Big Lie still roam free in our great nation.

When I had cancer, I wasn’t allowed to ring the bell on the wall until I was declared cancer-free. We shouldn’t be ringing celebratory bells today because we are not cancer-free.

I know this because I got into an argument with a Trumptard just last night at a bar.

There can be NO QUARTER for the people supporting the Republican Party that is currently trying to cover-up these most heinous crimes. They all need to be locked up and/or shamed out of existence.

They must be fought like the most deadly disease they are. Their ideas are not mere “differences of opinion.” They are anti-science, anti-fact garbage used to poison our Republic from within. AND IT IS WORKING.

So enjoy your beer, hot dogs, and potato salad. Just realize that patriotism requires more than commemorative barbecues or hanging a flag from your porch. It requires daily vigilance and action, especially when everything is on the line.

And it’s on the line right now.