Not All Faggots Are Born To Serve

The following is a critical piece written by Alpha-Dade on Tumblr. Reproduced here for posterity.

Contrary to popular belief, not all faggots are born to serve. Whether by nature or nurture, some faggots spirit just can’t be broken. No amount of pain, torture or training, can bend the faggot to your will. Certainly some shouldn’t be broken or even have to be.

Their sense of uniqueness is not a bad thing, but it does complicate an already delicate dance between alpha and faggot. The internet teaches this faggot that it’s born for service and nothing less than standing in the shadow of an alpha god should be its life goal. So the search for the elusive alpha begins and ultimately when it finds one, the alpha tries to break the faggot and prepare it for training as has been done for centuries.

Unlike faggots who truly desire nothing more than a life in service, the obstinate faggot finds that the necessary steps in training are no longer palatable and its true self appears. The look of defiance on the faggots face is a clear and unmistakable indicator that it was never meant to serve and the only option is dismissal.

An experienced alpha will take the opportunity to teach rather than chastise. Help grow rather than tear down. Look for the signs because sometimes the faggot itself won’t understand why it is the way it is and will need your help to find its way.

– For Jack