Yeah, I know you want me to post sex pics and crap. But this happened in my country a couple of months ago, and I’m not okay with it.

And I’m really not okay with Republican lawmakers and supporters trying to act like it didn’t happen or it was no big deal.

It’s the biggest deal.

This was a domestic terror attack against our form of government and the values of our country. It was an assault against all of the things about America that made us unique in the world and caused oppressed people around the world to look to us for hope. People like my boy from Syria.

This is not okay. It should never be okay.

I will never stop fighting against it so long as there are people among us who think that America is only for a select few. Or that America should be a shining beacon of stupidity, fear-mongering, and anti-science.

Or that America should be a place of hate. Nazi flags and confederate flags? Allegiance to a con man over a constitution? Not in my America.

America and her citizens have always stood against such things in the past. I will not stand by silently while those values are destroyed.

I cannot do that, and neither can you.