This is part of a continuing series documenting the rise of Straight Alpha Nick, a college athlete and friend to Alpha Jin who has discovered faggot worship and now owns four live-in faggots. You can read all posts in this series in chronological order by CLICKING HERE!

Last Saturday little Oliver was invited to stay the night at Master Nick’s place. It had been a week since Master Nick had a caging ceremony for Oliver, a week to consider whether or not he wanted to become Master Nick’s property.

Ollie wisely chose to serve.

So Yul went over and collected Ollie and brought him to Master Nick’s home. Later that evening Master Nick ordered Yul and Ollie to go into his bedroom and get ready for him. When Master Nick walked into the room, both faggots were kneeling on the floor and wearing women’s panties.

Master Nick took off all of his clothes and stood over them. Yul began deep throating Master’s huge dick, then he allowed Ollie to try. It was like watching a female animal teach her young how to feed.

Eventually Master Nick couldn’t hold back anymore. But rather than feed his load to Yul, Master Nick stuck his dick in Ollie’s mouth and unloaded into his throat. And, like a good boy, Ollie swallowed every drop!

He swallowed an Alpha’s huge cumshot like a pro! You’d never guess that Ollie was a virgin and had never tasted cum before!

After Master Nick unloaded, he still wanted more. So the two faggots took turns sucking him until it was time to cum. And, once again, Master Nick decided to feed it to Ollie. (Yul said he kissed Ollie after in the hopes of tasting Master Nick’s cum, but Ollie had swallowed it all).

That night Ollie hardly slept. He couldn’t. He was so excited by what had happened, Master’s load inside of him and working its magic.


Sunday was a five-load day for Master Nick, but the climax of the day occurred when Master Nick took Yul and Ollie into his bedroom and put them on their knees to service him. Yul began deepthroating Master Nick’s meat when Ollie got on all fours and began kissing Master Nick’s feet.

This simple act of worship sent Master Nick over the edge. He took both faggots into the living room and had Lee and Alex join them in something they have dubbed “circle worship.”

It’s very much as it sounds – all four faggots worship Master Nick’s entire body while they coax load after load from him.

In all Master Nick came five times, one in each faggot and a bonus fifth one given to greedy cum whore Yul (LOL) while Ollie sucked Master Nick’s balls.

For Ollie, it was a tremendous introduction to service! It can be overwhelming for a virgin, but Ollie handled it very admirably.

Said little Ollie:

I was in heaven at his feet with my sister (Yul). It was a little mind blowing.

Coming soon: CUNTING.