This thread follows the life and adventures of a 29-year-old Apex Alpha from Wales named Dragon Alpha. CLICK HERE to read all relevant posts in chronological order!

One of the more intriguing Alphas I’ve run across recently is Dragon Alpha. In the introductory post about him, I discussed his efforts to teach a straight Alpha brother about the wonders of using faggots.

I love when Alphas perform this type of mentorship, expertly guiding other Alphas to reach their fullest potential. They’re like trainers in a gym always pushing for that last rep and helping them become the best Alpha machine possible.

It is a vital aspect of Hierarchical maintenance.

Dragon Alpha discovered these truths early in his life, as he mentioned to me in one of our conversations:

Very much like the legendary California Alpha, Dragon Alpha spent multiple years impregnating women just as he desired, although his government had a limit of five children he could sire.

It’s so humbling to know that these great and powerful Men exist in our world, isn’t it? That they collaborate with each other, teach each other, while also giving us a place to serve at their feet!

Dragon Alpha is the kind of Man we need more of in the world. Regardless of what you are, you are always welcomed and safe in his shadow!