Men are born Alpha, that’s true, but not all Alphas are created equal. The truly powerful Alphas explore additional avenues for their dominance that might fall outside the mainstream.

Eventually these truly powerful Alphas come to discover the worship and service of faggots. The ownership of faggots elevates a Man to the status of a god in a way that the love and adoration of females cannot. Why? Because ultimately a faggot is another male – an “equal” – completely submitting itself to the Alpha’s power.

The ownership of faggots by Alpha Males takes various forms. Some Alphas literally own faggots like slaves. Others use them as side entertainment. And then there are Alphas who become cash Masters, owning faggots financially as well as physically.

Financial and physical domination is how Master Dragomir came to understand the purpose of faggots. Master Dragomir is a 27-year-old Dom from Bulgaria. His life changed forever 11 years ago when a bold faggot neighbor introduced him to the world of faggot worship.

My first experience was with my neighbor, I was 16. He wanted to lick my feet by offering me a lot of money. I accepted. I felt a little weird at first, it was disgusting to me. It was the first time a faggot had touched me, but over time I slowly got used to it. He had fallen in love with me and wanted me to go to him once a week. From that moment on, I realized that giving my feet would become my official job.

This was in stark contrast to the active heterosexual life he was already living.

The first time I fucked it was in secret with my brother’s girlfriend, I was 14. He is older than me. I remember when he found it out he punched me hard and my mother got so angry that she kicked me out of the house.

Master Dragomir didn’t go to high school. Instead, he began to focus on his future career.

I didn’t go to high school, I didn’t like studying. I was just thinking about fucking, that was my only interest. I was tall and very thin, so at 19 I started going to the gym and never stopped. Many ask me if I take anabolics, no I don’t take anything. I train five times a week, I do a lot of running and swimming.

He also began to understand the faggot mind, and how best to manipulate it for his own gain.

My attitude to faggots changes depending on who I meet. I know what they like and I act accordingly, but I don’t have any feelings. I have an aggressive character, I can get very violent and many of them like that. Perfect condition for me. I take out my anger on faggots and make a lot of money.

It’s all a game of mind and balance. A good Master must understand what his slave wants, he must know how to enter the darkest part of his brain and give him what he would never even have the courage to ask. The balance I’m talking about lies in calibrating aggression. I’m always very careful not to hurt them too much when they ask me to beat them, otherwise I could kill them at any moment. It may not seem like it but it is a very demanding job.

Remarkably, Master Dragomir’s current girlfriend nor anybody in his life knows anything about his financial domination of faggots despite constantly traveling all around Europe for in-person sessions!

Although Master Dragomir is completely straight and has never used a faggot to get off, he does have one thing he definitely enjoys – having faggots rim his perfect ass!

I think putting your ass on someone’s face is a big sign of domination and territorial marking, just like dogs do when they piss on a tree trunk. When I do that the faggot is under my ass, so under my power and control and I can shit in his face whenever I want.

Financial domination allows Master Dragomir to enjoy a wonderful, luxurious life of leisure, and it looks like it will continue into the foreseeable future.

I make a lot of money! If I weren’t a straight alpha male I wouldn’t be making so much. Yes, it’s my full-time job just like my OnlyFans page, which grows week by week. I have double income, I don’t need a “normal” job. My body is my bank and I want to make the most of it!

So once again, a straight Alpha discovered new heights to his Alphahood through the actions of one brave faggot! Now Master Dragomir enjoys his place among the most powerful Men in the world!

If you want to serve this great straight Alpha, submit to him on Twitter @AWorshiped or on OnlyFans at!