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I’ve been quite blessed to have come to know great Alphas all over the world thanks to this site and its social media network. Many of them are extremely successful and/or powerful Men who own and use faggots as part of their lifestyle of dominance.

Master Edo is the latest Alpha to cross my path, and he might be one of the most impressive. Born in Paris and raised in Milan, Italy, he’s now the high-powered owner of a large company that spans several countries across Europe.

Master Edo owns two personal faggots who travel with him (he refers to them as “personal property”) and they serve him and his friends wherever he goes.

He was eager to relate the development of his Alphahood with me.

I was born in Paris but because of my father’s job we moved to Italy and I was raised in Milan.

I was a shy boy, I was bilingual but at the beginning I didn’t speak Italian so I had bad times at school. I was often alone and I wasn’t very popular, never bullied but not very appreciated. I also had a stammer because I mixed up more foreign languages.

My life changed completely when I was 14 yo. and I moved to a boarding school in Switzerland . At that time I was taller, my body stronger and my stammer was only a bad souvenir. Also my cock was bigger and Yes I was a kind of stud.

Immediately I was asked to join my mates in their extracurricular activities and to be part of group works. Usually we worked in our rooms. The result was they did all the works for me and they were pleased to do that. I am not saying everyone was a fag or a potential one as mostly were betas or still nothing as we were all very young, but they knew I was different from them.

One day after a football match I was taking my shower and one of the guys of the group started to look at me . Later in my room, everything was tidied up, my uniform hanged, my shoes polished, my undies washed. I was surprised and I saw the guy (Antoine was his name) standing behind the bathroom door. He was embarrassed, so I asked : what’s that??? He replied : because u are my god.

I was almost naked and my meat started to get harder so I took his head and I forced it toward my dick. He sucked me off … not the best bj of my life as it was the first time for him but I unloaded all my milk in his throat. After that I immediately ordered him to get out. I don’t know why I did that, maybe I was also embarrassed, but that was the moment … the moment I realised I had a power … But the real turning point of my life was due to come …

Such a dramatic start! You can see how the natural Hierarchical power balance in situations like this between Alphas and faggots affect each type differently. The faggot’s response was to clean and then hide in embarrassment, while Master Edo’s response was, well, pride and aggression.

This is absolutely the most natural and primal force among males.

But Master Edo continued, and the true story really gets intense!

When I left the college and I started my post degree course I was a young master. I had a couple of fags after that experience in my room. At 23 i started to work. I don’t like labels so I won’t say I’m bisexual and bla bla bla. I am an alpha man who fucks women and use fags. Fags are made to serve men like me. It’s their duty. That’s it.

As I said I started to work for a very important design company and I climbed the ladder very fast. In two years I was a senior manager and boss of six.

One day my boss called me and he told me he was due to be relocated in Asia as he was chosen to open a new branch. He was still deciding who should be his heir and he invited me for a long weekend in his house by the sea. I knew he had a wife and children but he was clear this would be a weekend only for men.

Weekend arrived and I drove to the house. The house was beautiful and obviously finely decorated. When I arrived at the courtyard a valet (a fag) opened my car’s door and asked me for the key to park it. He was in chastity and with nothing on but a hat on his head. I must say I was confused as I told you I had a couple of fags but my experience couldn’t be compared with today. My boss welcomed me and he poured a glass of wine for both.

Then he started: listen son (he was older than me), I know this can be unexpected for you but I kept watching you in the last months and I know you are one of us. One of the real alpha born to own fags. He knew (don’t ask me why) I had owned fags in the past and that’s why he had invited me because he wanted to taste how I dealt with them.

Some of his friends arrived and I think more than 15 fags came in. All in chastity and all hooded. We spent a lovely weekend abusing and breeding the fags. They were there for our pleasure only as servants, cooks, masseurs, cum dumps … everything we wanted from them.

At the end of the weekend the boss told me : listen son I own these three fags and as you know I will leave the country in three months and I can’t bring them with me so, I thought you could be the new master for them but I would love to be your mentor for the next weeks and teach you how to be not only a master because this is your nature but THE MASTER.

So we spent every evening after the job together with his fags and at the end of the training I got his role as boss in the company and the three fags. This is how I became a qualified master.

This is a true story, nothing was invented. I know, reading your blog, some guys have fun of you with fake stories but this is a real one.

Now, before I go any further, I want to once again reiterate that I do not have video or forensic evidence of this story.

I’d like to point out that the situation between Master Edo and his Alpha boss bears striking similarities between a couple of other Alphas who found themselves mentored by other, wealthy Alphas. This seems to be part of the Alpha mentorship phenomenon I’ve covered here multiple times. It must be Alpha instinct.

It was amusing that Master Edo said he couldn’t figure out how the older Alpha knew he was Alpha and used faggots. Once plugged into Hierarchical values, Alphas and faggots are almost impossible to miss!

So Master Edo now enjoys a life of luxury and total faggot worship thanks in part to an older Alpha who gifted him tremendously.

This is the power of Alphahood! This is the power of Hierarchy!