The picture above is an image of Master Luca, a 23-year-old Australian Alpha, standing on one of his faggots. He’s the latest evidence I’ve found of genetic Alphahood. He was born Alpha, and he knows it.

Blessed with a gorgeous 9-inch dick, Master Luca has always had extreme confidence and lots of attention. Take a look at his GOD COCK RIGHT HERE:

I asked Master Luca, who says he’s bisexual (he currently has a girlfriend) to describe his first realization that faggots existed for his pleasure and worship:

I’ve always had a lot of attention cuz I’m hung and confident and always had chicks. i got high with some mates in early high school and one expressed interest in sucking dick, so i told him to suck mine while i watched straight porn as I hadnt had action in a week or so. i at first thought he was just gay, but he started hanging off me, deferring to me, not meeting my eyes directly, doing stuff for me, whatever i told him to do. and thats when I started to realise the innate power I had over fags. i started to realise fags werent just gay, they lived to serve and want nothing more than the security of a real man’s guidance and satisfaction. fast forward a few years later and here we are.

It seems that early adoption of fag service has helped Master Luca to gain a special appreciation for the Hierarchy that seems quite advanced for his age. Notice what he says here:

I‘ve owned fags for years so I am very experienced. I’ve also been sexually active since I was 11 so Im confident and aware of my innate place at the top of the hierarchy. I don’t just have power over my slaves, I completely control them and they love it. And me. The hardest part of my training new fags is teaching them not to fall in love with me or, at least, to respect that they exist to satisfy my pleasure, not their own emotional craving.

It really is a literal biological difference between alphas like me and fags. You can’t deny the hierarchy.

It’s lucky that the relationship between an Alpha and a faggot is mostly symbiotic – by allowing a fag to serve me I am giving it purpose and allowing it to finally have worth.

In addition to a very understanding girlfriend, Master Luca owns four faggots in his stable. These faggots pay fag tax in order to have the privilege of serving his cock. They also do cleaning and other chores for him.

It’s the kind of life every true Alpha deserves! I am grateful to Alphas like Master Luca, Men who make our lives of service truly worthwhile and fulfilling!

Here are some videos of Master Luca using some of his faggots!

This young Australian god can be followed on Twitter at @LucaTaylor10. If you want to tribute to him, he’s accepting Amazon gift cards … send them to