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During the recent flurry of back-and-forth emails between Master Cody and I regarding his subjugation of his dorm roommate Master Cody shared a little story of a pregnancy scare he experienced with his first girlfriend, and how his first real Alpha Pack helped to steer him the right way. It was significant enough that I felt like it warranted its own post.

My calc professor, the one who did an early final, had her baby today. I’m at my softest around babies.  I hope she brings him in.

But it got me to thinking back to my first girlfriend, Katie. We lost our virginities to each other.  It’s kind of a strange thread of how alphas groom alphas.

After that night with me, my swim teammates asked if I had finally gotten MY cherry popped.  I told them yes. I got some of the greatest validation from that moment. Tre’von, the only black swimmer on our team, asked if we had used protection.  I hadn’t. That caused anuproar of how Cody raw-dogged his girlfriend. These guys carried enough condoms on them to melt into a tire.  So they gave me some.
I. Hated. Them. And I always have.  I tried with Katie and took it off.

This is the hard part to explain. Katie and I had been fucking for a few months. We were very close. We both knew how reproduction worked in theory. And we were almost performative in that regard. I knew I could impregnate her. I liked how that power felt. She liked how that felt. She liked how her pelvis felt. But it was like both of us had the idea of pregnancy as something that didn’t happen to anyone but adults. We were idiots but it was just nature taking its course.

I also knew her cycles.  She was so embarrassed by her period.  And, I don’t know, I just didn’t care. I know what a period is. I was such a fucking simp, I guess, because I tried to make her feel amazing during that time and was never grossed out. I would fuck her during her period. By sheer dumb luck, she realized that actually made her period discomfort better.

Back to the locker room.  I started having misgivings about the period thing.  I asked Tre’von and another guy, Matt Reynolds, about it. I never once lived down telling them that I fucked her on her period.  But in the near term I let it slip that I washed my dick off afterward.

They knew I was still raw-dogging her.  The whole mood changed.  They asked how often we fucked.  How long had it been since her last period. Short story, I was dumping enough sperm to jumpstart my own planet while she was ovulating and I kinda thought her cycle was late.

Tre’von talked to my coach, who then called Katie’s cheerleading coach, and Tre’von took us to the health department. We looked like two kids who brought home a bad  report card.  The nurse was this really blunt southern lady.  She asked what was up.  We didn’t speak.  Tre’von gave her the basics.  She was really decisive. She talked to Katie first, then me alone, then both of us together. She got pregnancy tested. She asked Katie a lot of stuff just to make sure she was safe, I wasn’t pressuring her, etc.  I got scolded not being safe with Katie and got a lecture about consent. Katie wasn’t pregnant.  Thank. God. 
Katie got an implanted birth control. Georgia, for all its faults, is actually pretty cool about minors and birth control. Especially Atlanta.

I never used condoms with her. But lessons learned.  The alphas on my team could be assholes but they also looked out for me and groomed me in a lot of ways.  Tre’von was a great team captain his senior year too. 

One last thing: I ran into Katie last semester at a grocery store.  A lot of things were still virtual on campus.  We went to one of the open tables at the hot bar/deli and talked.  She said that, whether I knew at the time or not, I was the reason she was not ashamed or embarrassed of her periods. She never felt gross or unattractive because of it. She said so many other guys treated her like a leper, were grossed out, etc.  I’m not saying it’s great. I don’t have a menstruation fetish. But I just think of less of men who act all squeamish about their woman’s body. I don’t think she stays their woman for very long.

This is the magic of Apex Alphas. Or, more specifically, Protector Apex Alphas. Absolutely in control, fearless, effortlessly comforting, and a builder of people. And, in the case of Master Cody, a certain form of humility. He recognizes his Alpha lineage and those who have contributed to the masterwork of his life. He dutifully accepts his role as a superhero and exemplar of true Manhood.