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Zing asked 3 months ago

Hey Sam!
I’m the 17 year old faggot that wrote here about how to regain my alphas attention and I took your advice and sent him lots of pics and we’ve been talking a lot so I wanted to thank you for the advice! So we’ve decided that once we meet, he’ll lock me in a pink chastity cage and will also give me a butt plug to use. We talked about some of the stuff he’ll do to me like fill me up with cum, plug me and send me to class. I’m excited but a little bit nervous about this whole thing.
First, he wanted to know where I live, which I’m fine with but he said he wanted to know my school schedule since he wants to pop into my place whenever to breed me which scares me since I’m really keen on privacy. Any advice on should I give him that info or not. Also, I’m also scared about being in chastity since I’ve never been in it so is there any tips for being in chastity such as cleaning etc. Thank you Sam for all you’ve done for me!

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faggot sam Staff answered 3 months ago

Brother, congratulations on these new developments! I’m excited for you! 
Let me answer the second part first. You don’t need to worry about chastity. It’ll be tough at first, but your body will adjust to it. Maintenance is the real problem – you must remain clean shaven and cleaned regularly. The Alpha will either need to unlock you himself, or give you the opportunity to unlock in order to properly clean. 
I think I’d be pretty resistant to allowing this Alpha to come to school and breed you. This is a recipe for disaster. You’re young, so there’s no reason why you should be taking such risks. Frankly, your Alpha should know better. I wouldn’t agree to it if I were you.