second ring

JP asked 10 months ago

Hello Sam, I wanted  to know more about this second ring that you say is penetrated in cunting. Where is ? How to acesse when I penetrate my faag?

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faggot sam Staff answered 10 months ago

Thank you for writing to me, Sir! 
The second ring is a ring of muscles about five inches inside the rectum. Here’s how I described it when I wrote about the cunting of Simon the faggot:

The human rectum is built with two rings of powerful muscle tissue. The outer ring (at the anus) is composed of voluntary muscle tissue that is under our control. But several inches inside the rectum is a second ring of muscle tissue that is involuntary and designed to automatically control the flow out of the body. 
The feeling of a Man puncturing through that second ring of muscle is profound for a faggot; it’s like a gunshot to the soul. It also feels incredible for the Man, as this involuntary muscle group grips his cock with every thrust.

Generally speaking, a Man must fuck very deeply and powerfully to pop that second ring. You essentially need to rut your faggot into submission. I do personally believe a faggot needs to be deep in subspace so that it is relaxed enough to be cunted. I think that’s why Master Nick’s method of caging his faggot for a week or two prior to cunting is so effective. The cage forces the faggot into a deeply submissive mindset, opening it up to cunting.