I’m a faggot and devoted servant of a great straight man but I’m also gay and I have needs than no straight man can provide. I am lonely most of the time and long to dating a guy and having a normal life. It is true when I’m horny I think of a straight man fucking me to high heaven but I want a boyfriend who understands I’m a person who wants love. You are gay. You are a fag. And you have found love. Can’t one accommodate both roles?

I think there are cases out there in which both roles of a faggot’s life are accommodated. It’s rare. The primary aspect required is a partner who is okay with a very open relationship and is able to understand its needs for service. 

Here’s an option: find a gay Alpha to serve and potentially love. Gay Alphas are just as dominant as their straight counterparts. A gay Alpha might even be a bit more flexible on your service needs (if you still have them), because the Alpha will be quite likely to have needs with other faggots.

Do not despair. Keep yourself open to new experiences. It will all work out exactly as it should.