When an alpha shows emotion and tenderness towards its fag, is this unbecoming of an alpha? And do fags like it?

I really hate this persistent idea that Alphas should be soulless, hateful fuckbots. Alphas are HUMAN gods. Like most Men, Alphas have deep emotions bubbling beneath their controlled and direct facades. 

I have served Alphas with deep emotions. I have held Alphas when they’ve broken down and wept. Alphas have given me roses when I was suffering. I have never lost even one iota of respect for any of them. In fact, it’s the opposite reaction – I respect them even more. And I will tell you this – their kindness, tenderness, and emotional generosity made me serve them with all of my energy and enthusiasm.

To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a powerful Alpha Male – a god – taking notice of a little faggot worshiping at his feet. Every kind word or gentle touch is like rain in the desert.