I was having sex with my master and he usually likes it rough but last time it was a little too rough and he was hurting me so I yelled stop stop stop! But he didn’t listen and continued to fuck me saying you’re gonna shut up and take it. It was horrible i know i was just raped and worse he lied about wearing a condom and now I’m dreading i have hiv or something. It all turned to shit so fast. I don’t understand why he did that. We were together for a little over a year. I’m scared!!!

That’s awful! I’m so sorry that happened to you, my brother!

I’m glad you understand that this was a rape. No excuses. Also, it’s wrong to fuck you without a condom if that has been the agreement between the two of you. 

There is likely something that enraged him to the point that he felt like he needed to take it out on his faggot. This is a fairly common thing. Regardless, when a partner screams “STOP!” then things need to stop no matter how many years you’ve been together. 

Go get a test for multiple STIs including HIV. Then you need to make a decision about how you want to handle him. You may want some answers from him, but I would tread carefully. If he doesn’t come back to you with some amount of shame, then you need to get away from him.