As an alpha, I’ve had a few strange requests from some fags I’ve used in the past. I get everyone has their kinks and what not, but sometimes it feels like they need me to do it to get off. Should I feel obligated to do some of those kinks to reward my faggots, or just use them for my own pleasure?

You are not obligated to please these faggots in any way, Sir. In fact, I’m offended by the arrogant behavior of these faggots. Their need to “get off” is absolutely immaterial. Do they not understand their purpose at all?? 

Faggots this ignorant do not deserve to the chance to worship truly magnificent Alphas such as yourself, Sir. You use these faggots in whatever way you need, Sir, and if they don’t like it, they can be replaced instantly by any of the thousands of other faggots dying for the opportunity to serve you.