What’s the difference between arrogant jerks and alphas?

I think all Alphas are arrogant to some degree or another. I don’t know how a Superior Male can acknowledge his Superiority without some amount of arrogance, you know? And I don’t think that form of arrogance is necessarily a bad thing from a Natural Selection perspective, because that arrogance pushes Alphas to greatness and toward achievements that can change our world. 

It’s the “jerk” part that is more specific. I have known and served Alphas who were justifiably arrogant (because they were truly Superior Men), but they were also benevolent personalities. They could acknowledge my inferiority (and that of others) without being cruel. And I will tell you, such an attitude melted my heart and made me serve with even more of my devotion. 

This is where wannabe “Alphas” get it dead wrong. They think being cruel or nasty elevates them to Alpha status, but in the eyes of knowledgeable faggots, these actions only denigrate that status and prove it’s false. These kinds of stupid, imitation “Alphas” only attract “fetish faggots” (faggots who only serve to get off on humiliation). It’s probably what they deserve.

Real Alphas are properly arrogant, and they attract loyal, devoted faggots who are protected within the care of these truly powerful, god-like Men.