I just can’t understand why some faggots refuse to accept an alpha can be straight? I can’t change who I am and I wouldn’t expect them to change for me. It’s 2019, I have to accept it when someone decides to identify as a chicken nugget but I can’t identify as straight?

Thank you, Master!

Frankly, I think most Alphas are either straight or lean heavily straight. Pussy is just so readily available to superior Men during those formative years (and really, throughout their lives) that other, more socially-unacceptable ways of getting off never enter into their minds until later. 

But what is confusing these faggots is what I call “boxed sexual perspective.” They’re stuck in this outdated and incorrect idea that a Man can’t be straight if he fucks a faggot. Or another male can’t be a faggot if he’s married to a female. 

Male sexuality is FAR too complex and situational to be shoved into labelled boxes!

Rather than denigrate a straight Alpha Male by questioning his sexuality, these faggots should be kneeling and prostrate on the ground, kissing the feet of these Men and thanking them. These straight Alphas give faggots true purpose, and we are renewed by their benevolence.

Thank you, Master!