How do you deal with being away from your baby boy? Do you guys talk every day?

We talk every single day. It’s very difficult given that he is literally on the other side of the planet from me. However, our entire relationship was borne out of difficulty, and we have overcome the longest odds to reach this glorious point. We will conquer everything in our path until we reach our goals. This hideous and hateful world will not win.

That said, it hurts me every day to be away from him. We are rapidly approaching the two year anniversary of my trip overseas to meet him in person. I only got one wonderful week with him. I desperately miss having him curled in my arms. I miss his smile. I miss his big, dark eyes. I miss seeing a boy who has experienced so much pain suddenly break into endless joyful giggles. 

Now that he is free, I am going to finally get to see him in his new life, his new freedom. My little Australian boy. And we will once again curl up in each other’s arms and transcend borders and laws, time and space. There is only me, only him. Always and forever.

I cannot wait.