I feel really sad when I see couples in public. It’s gotten to the point I rarely leave my place and go out. I tried dating, most of them are interested in sex and sex only. Nothing materialized. I’m 37 now. Just yesterday I was 27. Life is slipping away.

Your little letter is beautiful and heart-rending, my friend. It fills me with sadness. 

You are not alone. There are gay males out there looking for the same thing as you. Just don’t give up and retreat into a cocoon of sadness and surrender. That person for you out there can’t find you if you hide yourself away.

I do think the old adage about love finding you when you least expect it is true. I tend to look at it from a metaphysical perspective. When we are desperately clinging to this ideal we have in our minds, we almost choke out the energies of the universe. By opening up our minds and hearts to possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the winds of the universe, and who knows where we might sail on that kind of power.

All I can say is that I waited my whole life alone, serving Men and resigning myself to a life without the love I saw in the families around me. And when I absolutely wasn’t expecting it – and in the most unlikeliest of ways – I met my soul mate, the other half of my heart, my son. 

The universe is eager to change your life. Open your heart. Let it happen.