Wrestler dorm fag again, lately I’ve been pretty submissive around him and seeing where it goes. I’ve been buying his lunchs, driven him back from the bar, bought him some protein powder when he said he ran out. I’ve even called him Sir and Mister sometimes! I think he’s starting to catch on since he’s actually asked me to hang out more. When’s the right one to offer myself as a faggot for him to use?

This is an update about a faggot attempting to serve a college Alpha wrestler. Here is PART #1 and PART #2.

You’re doing an excellent job, brother! And clearly this Alpha is responding! They cannot resist submission to their authority; it’s like catnip to Alphas! 

Frankly, if you’ve already submitted this far and he’s been enthusiastic about your service so far, I think it might be time to possibly lay your cards down and see how he reacts. Maybe say something like, “Sir, I’ve really enjoyed taking care of your needs. It makes me feel good to have a purpose in serving an Alpha like you. I just want you to know that I’m interested in taking care of any other needs you might have …” or something like that. Whatever feels most comfortable to you. 

I think you might just be surprised, brother! Be brave!!