My fag is getting increasingly jealous demanding exclusivity that I fuck no other fags a promise I cannot give. Fag’s behavior is getting worse lately with missed appointments and unanswered texts. How do I control this fag?

Thank you for writing, Sir! I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this! It’s far too common!

This faggot needs to be put back into its place, Sir. Here’s my suggestion to you … it’s a technique a straight Alpha used on me and proved very effective. Tie this faggot to a chair and put a gag in its mouth. Then invite another faggot over and force this ignorant faggot to watch you use the new faggot. Then after you finish, tell the faggot that it is nothing but a servant and is easily replaceable. Tell it that it needs to decide whether it wants to continue to be in your life. 

This is a brutal but fair punishment, Sir. It underlines the true purpose of a faggot in no uncertain terms. This stupid, self-centered faggot needs to understand that it exists to serve Men like you, and is not your boyfriend/girlfriend.

If you do not want to take this powerful measure of correction, then you need to at least sit the faggot down and have a stern, “last chance” conversation with it. 

This faggot has the idea that it can throw a bunch of fits and get its way. It is dead wrong.