I wanted to get your take on something that occurred years ago. When my sister was in high school she had a football player boyfriend. He was incredibly fit, muscular arms, very hairy armpits, etc. Very masculine. He had a pair of leather boots that he wore a lot. They were worn and stained as an old boot would be. My father offered to clean them up. After a number of days, he proudly returned them to the boyfriend. They were almost like new. Upon reflection, it seems like a “man” cleaning up the shoes of an Alpha Male was very submissive behavior. What do you think?

This wonderful example illustrates why I’m always preaching about the Hierarchy. It governs EVERYTHING about the lives of Men. While we occasionally recognize it operating in our interactions with other Men, most of the time it is happening subconsciously, a silent, barely perceptible signal in the background of our lives. 

Your father demonstrates how this happens with heterosexuals. He submitted to this young Alpha Male on a subconscious level (most likely), innately accepting the Superiority of this Alpha and offering gifts (in the form of service) to appease the King. 

The most hilarious part of this is how most Men would deny such an underlying reason if it were pointed out to them. Your father would probably be offended if you mentioned that he was submitting to this Alpha. But he did.

That’s the Hierarchy in action. It’s perfect.

Thank you for this experience!