Im a man in his 50s going regularly to a local sexshop w a gloryhole at the back. Yesterday, I got my cock sucked soooo great that I couldn’t take it, I had to fuck a pussy. So I tell the person behind the wall turn around. His boipussy was amazing, had a little difficulty taking my girth but wow! I blew a huge load and as I’m buckling up my pants the guy behind the wall get out. It was my son. I don’t he saw me or anything but I feel sick. Should I talk to him? What if he knew who I was? Help

I get this about some of the questions I receive here: is that really real?

This one strains credulity for me, too. However, I’m going to try to give it equal respect just in case it is real.

Sir, this is a pretty awful turn of events. 

My gut instinct tells me that you should NOT tell your son what happened. While it’s true that there is a subset of faggots (your son is a faggot, by the way) who fantasize about having sex with a brother or their Dad, you just can’t know if your son is one of them. And if he isn’t, the knowledge of this will really fuck him up, not to mention ruin many holidays to come.

This event happened because you were out having anonymous sexual encounters, otherwise known as sexual Russian roulette. If you want/need fag service, I suggest you find one-on-one encounters with faggots you can properly vet first. That will eliminate this kind of awkwardness. 

As for your son, you now know a critical-yet-secret part of his life. Use that knowledge wisely, Sir.