You used to be 50% porn and 50% asks and now you’re like 90% asks and 10% porn. And it’s disappointing because a lot of these asks are the same people playing out their different fantasies. You can tell from their styles of writing. Post more fags worshipping alphas! “Remember who you are.”

Must … be … nice …

Perhaps this tiny fact escaped your notice, but Tumblr outlawed porn in December of 2018. Many blogs were shut down entirely. Mine survived – barely. 

Yes, I am keenly aware that there are blogs still showing porn on this site. I don’t know if those are reblogged old posts that have not yet been deleted, or if these blogs have some secret pass to still upload porn. Nobody can give me a straight answer.

All I know is that I was getting strikes against my account for more than a year prior to the instituting of the porn ban. AND I CONTINUE TO GET THEM. In the last 36 hours I’ve received SIX strikes against my account for old posts that have yet to be deleted by the Tumblr police.

This is why I spent my own time and money setting up a separate, independently-operated version of the site at It has cost me a pretty penny, too. But there I managed to save all of that old content, and I have complete freedom to post as much porn as I want. I regularly do. So if that’s what you want from the site, then I suggest you go there then.

But I don’t need to be told to “remember who I am.” I work hard every day to expand the reach and influence of this little blog, because I want it to be a beacon of safety and support for those still looking for answers. I want Alphas to take hold of their full potential, and I want my fag brothers to understand the great joy I’ve experienced in my life as a faggot.

So I appreciate your constructive criticism, but I’d appreciate it a little more if you gave it one millisecond of thought before spouting off. Thank you.