Hi, I am confused. I considered myself as useless, miserable person, I had very low self-esteem. But then it started getting better and I understood that I’m not nothing. I improved, my confidence got better. Sometimes I feel like an alpha, but sometimes the confidence flies away. I never get back to times where I didn’t think I was good. Is alpha always confident? Alphas are humans too, they can get depressions too, right? Are depressive moments changing alphas so hard, that they lose the confidence for a while? I don’t mean lose like they became a faggot, no, they still know their own price, but they aren’t just so confident to dominate others. But is it possible that alpha didn’t believe himself before he found out he’s one? Do you know someone like this?

 Thank you for your question, Sir!

Yes, I have encountered natural-born Alphas who didn’t realize this about themselves for much of their early adult lives. In all cases I’ve known of this phenomenon, there were traumatic events of physical and sexual abuse in the Alpha’s early childhood that stunted their development as Alphas. 

These cases almost completely rehabilitated once the Alpha identified and accepted these events, and then moved forward. One in particular was quite dramatic; he was groomed by a molester to believe he was meant to be fucked by other Men. However, that role felt foreign to him. It was only once he had the chance to fuck that he began to uncover the truth his early molestation had buried. Once he made that acceptance, a huge weight lifted off of him. 

Is that you also, Sir? I don’t know. Just be assured that you are not alone in this development. Also, be confident in the knowledge that Nature has made you a certain way that cannot be erased. Just as I was born a faggot, it’s likely you were born an Alpha. That will always remain within you. It’s up to you to embrace that power and make it work for you, Sir. 

I wish you the best!