I’m German. I use “Planetromeo” to find fags. It’s fast, its easy and there are hundreds of boys listed, willing to serve, in my area. Sadly this app is useless in the U.S. only a few people use it there. Last year on my vacation it was hard to find a boy to use. I go back again to the U.S. for four weeks this year. How can I find fags online in the States? Which app is popular there?

Thanks for the information, Sir! I’ve never heard of the PlanetRomeo app before, but it appears that people are indeed using the app in the United States. I popped on there just to check it out, and there were several people in my general vicinity even in my relatively small town. 

I think in general Grindr is the app of choice for gays in America. Recon is another good choice, and might be even more tailored toward the Alpha/fag dynamic. Then there is Doublelist.com. 

Thank you for the information, Sir! I hope I was able to help!!