Hey! I’m the proud alpha father of an alpha teen of 17 years old. I’m 51 and I know my son is a total alpha just like me. Captain of the football, wrestling and swim team, top of the class student and a well-known fucker in his high school and from what I’ve heard from his past girlfriends, he takes after his dad cock wise! But these past days He has been telling me that his latest conquest won’t put up and he’s struggling w the forced chastity. I’ve been using fags since my twenties and I still see some fags on the down-low (my wife knows about it and is ok with it). I’ve been wondering if I should introduce my son to having a fag? Maybe pair him up with a young sub so he can release his sexual frustration? I wanna help him cause I’ve been there too as a teen. Thoughts?

Thank you so much for writing to me, Sir!

Oh my … what a situation, Sir! First, allow me to compliment you for your profound insight and level-headedness! If only all Alphas took their Alphahood this seriously! Your respect for the birthright you received, this special gift you have now passed onto your son, is to be lauded and admired, Sir!

I think it’s fair to say that your Alpha son is grumbling to you about his sexual frustration because he recognizes your Alphahood, and he’s seeking your advice. He wants to know what a fellow Alpha would do to break the drought he’s enduring.

Your solution is magnificent, Sir. From your experience, you know what faggots do for Alphas. We are like Red Bull for Alpha power, pure shots of adrenalized dominance. Again and again, Alphas who use faggots say the same thing to me: “I feel like a god!”  

This is your opportunity to introduce your powerful son to godhood, Sir!

In Nature, we see this played out all the time. The lion brings live prey to its young cubs and teaches it how to kill. By feeding your Alpha son faggots, you would be giving him a taste of real meat between his teeth. You would be opening his world up to unlimited worship and power.

So as you might guess, I wholeheartedly support this idea, Sir!

If you go through with it, I hope you will keep in contact with me, Sir! You can reach me here, on my main site fagsworshipalphas.com, on Kik (normalsubmissive), on Twitter (@4hierarchy), and at email fagsworshipalphas@gmail.com.

If you think it might help, I’d be willing to talk to your son as well.

Thank you SO MUCH for this thrilling question, Sir!