Dear Fag, 
Followup from my question the other day about the hesitant scruff fag. So, reading your advice really helped me to understand the mental perspectives of this twink. I don’t think I understand the fag mind although a keen observer of human behavior in most other arenas. In my experience, fags are there for me too use, and were always ultra willing (since 14 yo). I didn’t have to pursue. I didn’t have to do anything, seemed most women & a couple fags just drawn like moth to flame. 

Your advice helped me to realize that this guy would be a project and require training that I don’t have time for. I guess it never occurred to me that fags have a process they have to through to accept themselves. Essentially he’s immature(23).And while I can’t promise I wouldn’t pounce on him if I see him out, I prefer a more experienced fag who knows what they want and need.

Let this be a WARNING to indecisive young fags: Good men will pass you by quickly for not knowing what you want. You are probably scared of your own shadow So don’t Fuck w real men until your ready to be real.
PS I just found a hotter guy three years older on scruff(26): he came over right away to service me in the manner I’m accustomed. No fuss, says he wants to be my fag! If I decide to own a fag he’d be far superior to the frightened immature fag w no courage.

Fags: Listen to Sam he’ll help you fulfill your destiny!


This is a follow-up to a question posted here on the main site from an experienced Alpha who was considering the use of a young, inexperienced faggot. CLICK HERE for that original ask.

Thank you for updating me on your situation, Sir! I appreciate it very much!

Yes, Sir, there is no reason why any Alpha should have to deal with flighty, indecisive faggots when there is literally a banquet table of faggots awaiting Alphas like you, Sir! That banquet table features faggots of every type and skill level, and they’re all laid out and ready to serve! 

I’m so happy that you found one of those ready-to-serve faggots on Scruff, Sir!

I absolutely adore this line: “he came over right away to service me in the manner I’m accustomed.” That is the kind of entitlement that only a lifetime of worship as a King can bring to a Man! It’s the kind of service you deserve, the kind you’ve always received, and the kind of service you expect! GLORIOUS, SIR!!

Hopefully, this new faggot can become your property and serve the entirety of your life, Sir! Congratulations on the new conquest!

Sir, I would dearly love to communicate with you and learn about your young acceptance of your Alphahood if possible. You can reach me at

Thank you, Sir!