I get what you mean but I dont know if Im gay or just curious. I go to many different tumblrs gay, straight and many not sexual at all. But I go to yours often. Im afraid of opening a box and then not being able to put myself back. I like the look of cocks and I imagine what it would be like to hold a mans, like someone 30 or so (im 18 and smooth and its the hairy male posts I find interesting.) Im curious but it might be more than that.

I appreciate your honesty, little brother. This is a big step. But, while we’re being honest, let me just remind you (and every one listening in) that one of the huge keys to happiness in life is an acceptance of certain truths about ourselves. A person born blind can either spend their precious time feeling sorry for themselves, or they can accept the reality of being blind and learn to make the most of their circumstances.

Now, being born a faggot isn’t a disability like being born blind. But being a faggot can become a disability if it causes us to retreat from life. 

At this point, you can’t even be sure what you like or want. You need to start experimenting. Play. Have fun. Be curious. Let your heart stretch and discover new places to take root. 

Whatever comes of that experimentation will be right for you. There is nothing to fear about discovering your purpose.