Hi –
I’m trying to find advice on the following:

#1 – being a better cock sucker by controlling my gag reflex and breathing.  As to breathing, I have a very difficult time breathing out my nose when my mouth/throat is filled with cock.  Basically, it gets plugged by mucus, need tips/tricks to prevent this or work around it.

#2 – being a better bottom. Things I can do with my faggot-pussy to pleasure him more.

#3 – how to enjoy being more submissive and try to enjoy more BDSM.

#4 – perhaps the most important – how to get Alphas to use me despite my tiny cock.  I have a very tiny cock, about 2″ when hard.  I was born with ambiguous genitalia and the docs basically turned what would of been a clit into a cock.  This really freaks out most guys, whether they are Alphas that have no intention of touching it to those Alphas who do like to play with a cock. Easily, 90% of guys who see it drop me like a hot potato the moment they see it.

Any websites or such you’d recommend?

#1. Getting better at cocksucking requires practice.

You might check out these:




As far as mucus, you might try using a neti pot or some other gadget to clean out your sinuses so that they are more likely to remain open.

#2. This is a wide-ranging question. Kegel exercises will strengthen your anal muscles and give you more control. Learn to work your hips, and get into the fuck. Learn to take a hard pounding. Always be clean.

#3. You must cultivate a joy for service, for serving the needs of Men rather than your own. As for BDSM, you really need to get into that scene in order to develop a love for it. Otherwise, it’s just a fetish rather than a part of your life.

#4. First of all, I can’t imagine a true Alpha having any problem with your equipment. They don’t care about it. But if that’s a problem, wear jock straps that conceal your tiny penis.