Ma dick is 7 inches and my fuck boy laughed at how small it is. I was never self conscious about my size but i was genuinely hurt by his behavior I swear i hate that I’m so small now! I tried pumps but they don’t work what can i do?

Is this “fuck boy” a friend of yours, Sir (because guys call each other fuck boy these days)? Or a guy you are fucking?

If this “fuck boy” is a faggot you’re fucking, then you need to dismiss it immediately, Sir. This little shit has no right to comment on the penis size of the Man who is fucking it. Please remind it that, regardless of the size of your penis, you are the one doing the fucking. This mouthy, disrespectful twat waffle is the one getting fucked by it. So even if you had a three inch cock, it still owns a faggot like that.

But let me just soothe your insecurities, Sir. Seven inches is more than an inch LONGER than the average cock size! You have NOTHING to worry about. You may not have an ass-destroying cock like John Holmes – be grateful for that – but anybody you fuck is going to know they’ve been fucked. You cock is ABOVE AVERAGE, Sir.

God, I hate size queens. So many great Men have been cut in half emotionally by stupid, thoughtless comments about their Manhood by fucking faggot whores with prolapsed cunts that have been dug out so thoroughly that they couldn’t feel a 12-inch red hot poker jammed into it. 

I’m so sorry you’ve been made to feel this way, Sir. If I were there, I would show you what it means to be worshiped for the MAN Nature made out of you, and not for the fantasy in my head. 

Thank you so much for writing, Sir.