Hey so I recently asked this guy on Snapchat for a pic of his feet with a throwaway account. He responded rather quickly with a “lol bro you funny asf” I mean he never said no. He also saved the messages between us, but didn’t screenshot them. What was the point? After asking 2 times he never clearly said no but rather joked. He also hasn’t blocked me or unfriend me, I can’t see his snaps but I can still send him pics/chats. This must mean he’s at least a little interested right?

It’s hard to say. Social media is a bit of a funny animal, a place where normal social reactions have almost no value. 

Here’s what I think is more telling:

1. He didn’t send you pics of his feet.

2. He hasn’t followed up with you about WHY you asked him.

I think he’s being nice, but he doesn’t want to wade into these waters. He may have saved your messages so that he can remember who NOT to respond to.