I am an alpha gay male. I met a young straight guy who has had a hard time finding a woman to submit too. Well he has come to daddy. He loves taking dick and insists on taking it raw. I informed him he isn’t the only guy I’m fucking but he needs it to be raw. What is his problem?

Thank you so much for writing to me, Sir! I really appreciate it! 

I’m not sure he has a problem, Sir. You might be forgetting the inherent power of your cum, the power of raw cock. For true submissives, the taking of raw cock and having a Man cum inside of them is like taking communion, a holy act of validation and sacrifice. Your cum itself is filled with hormone markers that identify you personally, as well as hormones that induce pleasure and comfort in those who receive it. The breeding of a sub by a Man is a powerfully unifying moment. 

So rather than think your new sub has a problem, look at it instead as an instinctive show of respect for your power, and this sub’s craving for your authority, Sir. Your seeding of this sub is helping to transform this formerly-straight male into a faggot, something he likely was all along. Now that he’s found this truth, he craves it more than anything.

So enjoy your Ownership of this new faggot, Sir! Use your great power to guide it to new places in service to you!