Hi Sam, My compliments for your wonderful blog. I just read an essay here, ”…being an Alpha, He is happiest when surrounded by inferiors so that He may have complete freedom in exerting His cocky attitude. He is meant to be venerated and held in the highest esteem by those around Him. By restricting His fags’ orgasms He in turn becomes the focus of improved service quality, and is able to make His dick a symbol of Alpha male authority. This Alpha/fag dichotomy in terms of access to one’s genitals also helps to cement in place a physical and mental distinction between Master Alpha and His fags.” As a faggot I always felt right-wingers are the only kind of Alpha Straight Master I would like to serve. They are cockier, tougher and have very clear ideas on faggots. They’re generally against any kind of civil rights for faggots, for example. They’re probably more inclined towards the violent kind of Alpha Master rather than the protective kind, but still I feel they are the ones who deserve to be served with the utmost devotion. What’s your opinion on this subject?

Well, I hate right-wingers with a passion, especially those who worship Orange Hitler. Anybody who follows Trump cannot be Alpha, because Trump is a coward and a liar who fakes a projection of toughness but is really a frightened child incapable of human interactions.

Faggots who serve these Men are doing it for the same reason many faggots love to be beaten: self-loathing.

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