I still have my virginity and I’m 20 yrs. old. I know that’s not a big deal, but I really want to loose it. Every person that i talk to says i should wait til someone special eventhough it may not be the best experience. So I was wondering should just loose my virginity it a random person and get the worst out the way or wait and just use toys for now (never used any before).

I guess I have something of a cynical view of this issue, but I think it’s unrealistic for anyone your age to “wait for someone special.” People your age don’t look at sex that way anymore. Anyone who does wait for someone special usually ends up heartbroken.

I definitely do encourage the use of toys. These are a remarkable resource we have available for exploration, and they should be utilized. That’s one reason why I opened fwatoys.com, so that my readers can get quality toys at reasonable prices and explore their needs in safety.

As far as just getting it out of the way by losing your virginity to a random, there isn’t anything wrong with that as long as you take reasonable precautions. Sometimes randoms can lead to hot sex. I wouldn’t go into it with the idea that such an encounter will be inherently bad.

Don’t hold yourself back. Explore.