I’m a Saudi bottom fag and I love your blog, fags should be shown more often. Did you ever get gangfucked? When my wife was pregnant on eid I paid a bike gang to fuck my Arab hole with their German cocks, it was heaven😍, 15 cocks all for me. And the thick juicy cum on my beard and chest, it was a bitch getting it out! But I’m wanting to get my hole gangfucked every night( its Ramadan btw so during the day I can’t have any sex) wish me and my hole luck and have a nice day.

Brother, I’ve been thinking about your message for a day now. I wanted to try and come up with a measured response.

Here’s my problem: you are essentially cheating on your pregnant wife by getting gang fucked by a bunch of Germans … but you’re still abstaining from sex during the day during Ramadan?? That makes no sense. Why are you so concerned about observing Ramadan if you’re willing to break multiple other laws of your religion? 

Don’t be a hypocrite. You cannot slave for two masters. Either follow the law of your religion, or follow the law of your heart. Trying to please both is going to ruin your life.