Bug chasing is a prime example why the gay community is perceived by the public to be prevented. Such a despicable fetish I hope they all die a slow and painful death.

Since I received a couple of questions about this, I’ll just use your comment as a jumping-off point for explaining it.

“Bug chasing” is a term used to describe HIV- people seeking out HIV+ partners in the hopes of seroconverting to positive status. The only explanation I’ve ever heard for WHY they’re doing this is that becoming HIV+ means they no longer need to worry about HIV anymore. 

This is, of course, faulty reasoning. A person who becomes infected by one strain of HIV can get infected by other strains, further weakening an already threatened immune system. 

And that doesn’t even begin to consider the huge toll on society with every new infection, particularly when one has such a reckless, selfish attitude toward it.