I’m a faggot cocksucker with a locked clit. I know that, as a faggot, my dicklet should always be kept limp and unused so it doesn’t distract me from servicing alphas and other doms. It’s really hard, though, to keep it unhard because I’m self-locked, and that just doesn’t work out very well. I have no self-control. I keep unlocking my cocklet to play with it and jizz. I know, I’m a bad faggot. Should I be considering castration to stop myself from doing this? Or is that something that only an alpha can decide for me? My testicles are obviously worthless and an insult to real men, and I know that I would be a better faggot if they didn’t produce any jizz, and that I have no right to cum, ever – but is castration a decision that I can make myself, or do I have to wait until an alpha or other dom makes that decision for me? Do faggots get to make choices like that?

It’s your body. You have the right to make decisions about what happens to your body, even if you are owned.

Since you are unowned, you fully make the decision about this.

Just remember, this is a permanent step.