My alpha fucks me nearly every day and I’m getting tired of it I cannot just fast and clean my ass everyday so what do i tell him and how??

I’m sure there are a lot of faggots reading your words and crying out “SEND HIM MY WAY!” 

It’s much more complicated than simply getting fucked, as you mention. When you’re serving an insatiable Alpha Beast, there’s almost no stopping him or reasoning with him. You want to be clean for him, and that requires A LOT of work. So you’re stuck.

Look, you need to explain to him that you’re exhausted. Remind him that you are working hard at all of this just for his pleasure. I guarantee you that he isn’t thinking about any of that; he only sees fag pussy to fuck. You need to peel back the curtain and let him understand everything required behind the scenes to make his fuck fantasy come true.