Who’s responsible for reviving racism and hatred in America? Ive been in the us for six years now doing my masters and PhD in zoology. I arrived in 2014 and the people couldn’t be nicer to me. I lived with this lovely family who were kind enough to rent me a room in their house. Not once did i hear an ethnic slur or insults towards my religion (I’m not really religious but i guess i do look like a Muslim) got my masters degree in 2016 and then trump got elected and with him the neighbors started to complain that they don’t feel comfortable about a Muslim being in their midst and the family had to let me go. Ever since, I’ve been told to go back where i came from from total random strangers and my car was vandalized twice! Still most people are friendly but there is a noticeable rise in racism. I fear things might get out of control really fast really bad. I hope trump doesn’t get re-elected for the sake of America first and second for the sake of my studies i was this close to having my studies suspended when trump tried to revoke student visas! I love this place it is a wonderful and unique country and the time I spent here I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Sane rational Americans must do everything in their power to prevent hatred from gaining control of this beautiful country. Peace.

Thank you for this touching and very sad account, my friend. It is pathetic that you have had to face such racism and hatred.

Racism has always existed in America, but it had been beaten back by many of the reforms made over the years (led by brave souls who risked everything to make it happen). 

Trump is absolutely the reason for the increased racism, hatred, and violence in America. He’s made it okay for bigots and racists to say the most vile and revolting things to each other. He is a virus more dangerous than COVID-19. 

Like cancer, he and his worshipers need to be cut out of the American fabric and destroyed. 

Be safe my friend.

Much love,


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