How do I begin to serve this straight alpha at my school? He’s white, hung, and straight and I want to worship him forever but I don’t think he realizes how alpha he is yet. How can I show him he is superior and start to service him? 

I wonder how many times I’ve answered this one question. A lot.

You didn’t mention what type of relationship you currently have with this Alpha. Are you friends? Close friends? casual acquaintances? Not friends at all? This matters in terms of approach.

What you want to do is start adjusting how you speak and act with him. Submissive body posture, shy eyes, and call him “Sir.” Start doing things for him, like buying him food or giving him gifts. If you are closer friends, try massaging his feet or another part of his body. Compliment him, but be sincere.

Another little trick that’s never existed before: give him a copy of “May I Serve You, Sir?” This will definitely open his eyes and help him realize his Alphahood.

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