You said earlier that hierarchy is truth and real. Maybe to the kink community it exist, but for everyone else not so much. Do you have any research or studies you can link too? It’s hard to say something is a fact if there’s no science to back it up. I can see it existing in the gay kink world, but having trouble seeing it in society in general.

I haven’t ever seen research on that subject. I cannot even fathom how such an experiment would be conducted and verified. There are too many variables and opinions involved that would inevitably skew the results.

If we look into the animal kingdom, we clearly see the basic outline of the Hierarchy. In fact, original theories about interpersonal human relationships came from the observation of animal models. This is useful given that we are very much related to the animal life on the planet. 

I use that phrase “Hierarchy Is Truth” because, in my opinion, this natural stratification of human Males into Alphas and lesser designations is as obvious as any other type of human interaction. Have you never really watched Male interactions in social situations. How some defer to the more Alpha in the group? How beta Males attempt to get on the good side of Alphas in order to receive the Alpha’s favor? 

In fact, the phrase “curry favor” can be traced back to the Bible, one of the oldest books in history. Note the phrasing:

“Many court the favour of kings; but every bad man becomes a reproach to man.” (Proverbs 19:6)  

I just think that this kind of social stratification is very natural, obvious, and has been around since the dawn of recorded history.