So I’ve been reading some of the stories on this site for a while, and i have to say i always thought i was an alpha until i started scrolling thru your site. You see i have had Alphas throug out the years that i just love servicing even without getting any Physical action in retrurn. With most of them i know i could but to be honest I’m afraid of ruining friendships and complicating it for the worst. I have one particular alpha in my life who is one of the most amazing musicians I’ve ever come across. We have been hanging out for about a year now and we have fooled around 3 times but it hasn’t happened in a while.  I basically spend all my time with him. He’s a chef when hes not playing music so he always cooks but i always clean up after him. The weird thing is when we fooled around he only wanted to bottom. I also know he’s into some extreme kinky stuff like fisting. He even asked if i wanted to do it to him once and to be honest it has never really turned me on until he asked me. Well now we would drink together and get shitty we would both get horny and he goes in his room and because I’ve been cleaning up his things most of the time i notice he’s been finding random house hold objects to stick in his ass. It turns me on so much i use the same objects he puts in his as and i play with them when hes not around. I wish he would just use me but I don’t know how to ask him. What should i do?

Sorry brother, but this guy is not an Alpha. He’s a bottom, and maybe a faggot. I don’t know where you got the idea that he’s an Alpha, but you’re wrong. No Alpha wants to bottom this much, and they’re definitely not interested in being fisted by ANYBODY. 

I think you’re seeing what you want to see. 

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