Hey!!! I SWALLOWED FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! It was a very very weird feeling!! My man slapped me after he came in my mouth and gave a non-verbal cue (with his face, so hot!!!) to swallow! At first I didn’t understand so he slapped the fuck out of me and pressed my nostrils closed hahaha! And then I had to swallow!!!
PS: he told me that “now my Islamic dna is in you, gulam(slave)”!!! 

Congratulations!! It’s a great feeling of accomplishment to swallow a Man’s load! Your Alpha sounds focused and demanding, which is good, and he definitely respects his cum (all Men do to some degree, though). And I love the way he spoke to you at the end, really emphasizing your vastly different roles! I hope you can keep this Alpha in your life!

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