I don’t know what i am yet but recently i came across a man who doesn’t live alone and neither do I but he wants to ”use” my mouth. He says he is straight and lives with his girlfriend. He suggested a public place where he would make me kneel and ”choke” on his cock. I have never done outdoor blowjob. I am confused and more so because i love the cock pic he sent. He is huge and meaty.

I mean, I have always really enjoyed the thrill of public sex and outdoor blowjobs. I’ve given a lot of them without incident, and I think most outdoor blowjobs go fine and issue-free. Most people who aren’t security guards or police officers will either watch or walk away and act like they didn’t see anything. 

I think the better thing for you is to get this straight Man’s dick in your mouth and service it before he finds another cocksucker to give it to. 

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