I was curious about something about the Alpha/faggot bdsm relationship. How important is it that alpha actually be heterosexual? Can a gay Master dominate a faggot just as effectively or does the fact both guys are gay change the dynamic in way that most faggots wouldn’t like? In my mind if the Dom is straight that makes him more desirable. Part of his superiority is his heterosexuality. I feel a little shame over that like I’m being a self hating gay guy but on the other hand I pretty much accept my sexuality. So I don’t know what to think. Do you have any thoughts about this? Thanks!!

There are lots of gay Alphas. I know there is something of a prejudice in the gay community (mostly among faggots) about how Alphas must be straight, but it’s absolutely false. Some of the most powerful Alphas I’ve ever known are gay Alphas, and they are just as dominant with their faggots as straight Alphas. 

We disrespect our amazing gay Alphas by relegating them to a lesser status simply because they’re gay. Their sexuality has nothing to do with their desire for power and control over faggots and other humans! 

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