I am quite embarrassed to share with you that I recently got into trouble due to this website. I usually study from home these days and often I am naked and on my bed, watching porn on the computer. During one of the lectures from a private tutor, I was asked to share my screen on zoom & i had the browser open with one of the tabs named “Fags worship alphas’. I didn’t realize it until My tutor who is a man in his early 30s took notice of it and said- “So you’re a faggot?” I was shocked and didn’t know what to respond. He kept asking uncomfortable questions. I know he is hot and everything but i felt like he was harassing me. Should i talk to my parents or continue with this? I don’t think about him in that way at all and i fear what he will do.

Oh my goodness LOL
I’m sorry that happened to you!! Boy, Zoom is proving to be quite destructive to the relationships and jobs of careless people using it!
This is probably of very little comfort, but your example really shows why we should be fearless when it comes to presenting ourselves as our authentic self in the Hierarchy. This stuff triggers a lot of people you’d never expect it to. They know the truth of it.
As far as this specific situation goes, the tutor can’t ethically do anything with this information or hurt youin any way. I would just try to ignore it and wait until you no longer need his services. 

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